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Arab and foreign arrivals to Syria should have the following:
- A Passport valid for a period not less than one month after the elapse of the period of the entry visa,
- NO Israeli stamps visa,
- the name of the passport owner is not listed among those forbidden from entering Syria.

The tourist who brings pets, has to submit their health certificates written in English and authenticated in his country. As for cats and dogs, a certificate of vaccination against rabi should be presented.

Car owners permanently residing abroad, and coming to Syria to stay for a short time, are allowed to bring in their own, or rented cars which are properly registered in the country of expatriation in conformity with a legal authorization allowing the use and driving cars outside the country of registration according to the following customs duties:

  1. Duties of (US $ 40 or equivalent) levied on cars in accordance with a temporary entry card for a period of 15 days and (US $ 30 or equivalent) in return for the obligatory insurance of the car to be paid to the Syrian Insurance Company.
  2. Duties of (S.L 5035 or equivalent of other foreign currencies) levied against the book granted to cars registered in the Arab countries, plus (US $ 30 or equivalent) in return for the obligatory insurance to be paid to the Syrian Insurance Company.
  3. The wife or adult member of the family is allowed to bring a car or to drive it in Syria provided they meet the residency condition! Unexpected End of Formulans outside the country.

the following nationalities do not need to have transit or entry Syrian visa: 
all GCC nationality, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia.

Free visa offer for individual and groups:
For European, American, Japanese, Canadian, Latin American, Australian, New Zealand, Malaysian and Chinese nationality we can arrange a FREE OF CHARGE SYRIAN VISA upon arrival at Border/Airport just incase they book via Destinations tours the accommodations with tour guide.