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Ugarit (modern site Ras Shamra رأس شمرة ; meaning "top/head/cape of the wild fennel" in Arabic) was an ancient cosmopolitan port city, sited on the Mediterranean coast of northern Syria a few kilometers north of the modern city of Latakia.

Citadel Of Salah Ed-Din

The Citadel of Salah Ed-Din (once known as Saone, also known as Saladdin Castle) is a castle in Syria. It is located c. 30 km east of Latakia, in high mountainous terrain, on a ridge between two deep ravines and surrounded by forest.


The second most important Syrian seaport on the Mediterranean (90 km to the south of Latakia). It was called Antaradus by the Pheonicians and Tortusa by the Byzantines.


Shahba (Arabic: شهبا ‎), also known as Philippopolis, is a city located 87 km south of Damascus in the Jabal el Druze in Muhafazat as Suwayda .


Saidnaya (Arabic: صيدنايا ‎) is a city located in the mountains 20 miles north the city of Damascus in Syria. Saidnaya was the seat of the ancient Patriarchate of Antioch. Saidnaya has many ancient associations with the Holy Bible.


Resafa (Arabic: الرصافة ‎), known in Roman times as Sergiopolis, was a city located in what is now modern-day Syria. It is an archaeological site situated south-west of the city of Ar Raqqah and the Euphrates.


Palmyra is separated by some one hundred kilometers of steppe from the lush valley of the Orontes, to the west. There are more than two hundred kilometers of desert to the cross before you reach the fertile banks of the Euphrates, to the east.

Deir Mar Musa Al-Habashi

Mar Musa or Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi (دير موسى الحبشي , literally The Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian) is a monastic community of Syriac Catholic rite, situated near the town of Nabk, approximately 80 kilometers north of Damascus.


Mari was an ancient city in Syria situated on the site of Tell Hariri, 11 kilometers north-west of the modern locality of Abu Kamal on the western bank of Euphrates river, some 120 km southeast of Deir ez-Zor, Syria.