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Apamee Cham Palace
City :   Hama
Category : hotel category

Hama is an old city in a rich agricultural region. It was rebuilt as "Apamea" by Seleucus Nicator I in 300BC and flourished during the Roman and Byzantine periods. It also figured in the Mohammedan conquest and the wars of the crusaders. It was the home of the famous Arab historian Abufida.


The Apamee Cham Palace Hotel in Hama has got a central location , overlooking the Orontes river with it's famous water wheels and the location of the hotel can be reached very comfortably from the any part of the city.
There are many popular tourist attractions and all the places can be accessed very conveniently from the hotel. The travelers coming here can organize some day trips to the neighboring areas, which will turn out to an exciting experience for everyone.

Room Facilities:

The Apamee Cham Palace Hotel in Hama has 200 comfortable accommodations, which are all provided with the latest comfort amenities. The rooms are well appointed and they give lovely view of the surrounding area. The staff of the hotel is very hospitable and they offer very good room service, which may not be available for twenty four hours.

Hotel Amenities and Services :

The Apamee Cham Palace Hotel in Hama has got many facilities to offer to all the guests. The hotel takes pride in providing very good business facilities and because of this reason it is liked by the business travelers coming to the city. The on site restaurant of the hotel serves very good food throughout the day. The bar offers refreshing cocktails and mocktail to the guests. Apart from these, there are many more standard facilities available in the hotel for the comfort of the guests.

Prices (including tax)
Room Type Price
Single $103
Double $132
Other Services
Service Type Price
Breakfast $14
Dinner $22
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